About My Practice

I continue to enjoy work with families and young adults. In the last several years I have frequently worked with couples, older and late-diagnosed adults with Asperger’s Syndrome and other Social Learning challenges, (now referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorders).

Their concerns include a variety of challenges such as difficulty understanding or being understood by co-workers, frequent job loss, social isolation and misunderstanding, and stresses with family or partners. They are often very articulate and express their experiences clearly and with varied perspectives. They have helped me explore new ways of addressing their challenges. I greatly enjoy working with these individuals. They have often sent me to resources that are helpful, thought-provoking, and sometimes entertaining as well.

The experience of working with older adults has also added to my understanding of some of the more subtle and difficult challenges that affect young adults as they move toward greater independence.

I am concerned about the limited services available for adults on the Autism Spectrum. I hope to be a resource for helping them find services and support in the community.


Peggy Piers M.Ed.-counseling